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  1. By way of introduction, this site is nothing to do with my ego nor a desire to toot my horn about myself.
    It is an internet-based marketing tool to hopefully allow a measure of exposure in my desire to fairly and honestly put the various services and abilities which are the accumulation of my life’s work and living experience in many parts of the world, at the disposal of those who may be seeking something meaningful and creative, delivered in a transparent and efficient manner as promised and/or contracted.
    I consulted some friends, especiallymy colleagues at “Rocky Intertidal Co-Creative” P.R. and Marketing, who came to the conclusion that I should put all the experience and qualification based services out there and not just the ceramics studio “Nehalem Clayworks”, which was the original intent.
    Also incorporated are the services of my wife Kate Johnstone -whose work and services is included under “Smite The Pellet” Graphics page and sub-section, as part of our life-long collaboration and encouragement of each other’s abilities.
    The site and marketing help is formatted on the premise that doing the work addressed herein is hard enough without the heavy task of going out and selling the products and/or services under this many-tentacled umbrella, which I’m absolutely inept at anyway -so I’m hoping the site will clearly set forth my own and Kate’s personal and professional histories which have culminated in the output and availability now situated at 37790 Northfork Road, Nehalem Oregon 97131 -Mailing Address, P.O. Box 493, Manzanita, OR 97130.
    LeeAnn and Kelly (“Rocky”) will be supplementing marketing services and advice on the site, which they have already helped to launch, from time to time.

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